Teesside Precision Engineering Ltd is a specialist sub-contract, precision machining company based in Middlesbrough.  Our 13000sq/ft production facility is equipped with a comprehensive range of the latest CNC and conventional machine tools and equipment giving us the ability to offer a diverse range of machining, fabrication and assembly services.  This allows us to be competitive on small, medium and high volume precision machined components.  We have also built a reputation for our ability to manufacture parts without drawings.  If a customer has a part which is damaged and in need of replacement we can manufacture almost any component from the sample using our reverse engineering services.

The market for our services span a wide variety of industry sectors although our precision machined components are primarily supplied to the offshore, oil & gas, marine, chemical, automotive, nuclear and renewable energy industries.

We class our customers as part of our team.  We pride ourselves on spending time with customers, working through processes and sharing resources to find solutions to their problems.  This teamwork approach is appreciated by our customers who are able to draw upon a wide range of skills, knowledge and tools to assist and/or advance their project and due to our extensive contact base if we can’t, then we usually know someone who can.

It was this approach to customer service that was forefront in our ability to be awarded with the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standard for “Precision machining, welding and fabrication services”  just four months after trading began.

Our future plans include the continuous improvement of our products and services for our current customer base whilst targeting new business to partner our company in the future.  We will also continue to invest in the business to increase our machine tool capacity and the services we are able to offer.

These committment  to taking the company forward will also assist with providing secure employment for our current and future workforce.  We will also further invest in the future generation of engineers by continuing our apprenticeship programme opportunities for young people which will allow us to train our own skilled machinists.



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